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Alicorn Ventures is a private accelerator run by two of Queensland most awarded entrepreneurs Dominic Holland and Jordan Grives.

Alicorn Ventures typically engages market-leading organisations as co-founders who have identified a critical problem within their organisation or their respective industry, and/or long-term business models.  

Alicorn Ventures provides a high-growth accelerator designed to build, launch and grow companies which utilise technology at their core, to enable and provide a solution to these issues, launching with our industry co-founders as the anchor customer.

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Tap Tins was built to address the dwindling collection of charitable cash donations and will work with not-for-profits across Australia to help increase donations, through a large-scale network of smart contactless donation terminals.


Dominic Holland and Jordan Grives founded Alicorn Ventures as a private accelerator designed to build and scale high-growth technology fueled companies in joint venture with industry partners who have identified a problem or need within their organisations or industries.

Jordan Grives

Jordan Grives is the former CEO and Managing Director of multi award winning telecommunications company Fonebox Australia, as well as the current Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Fone Dynamics, and Founder of Capital J Investments.

Dominic Holland

Domm is a seasoned technology entrepreneur, having worked across Australia and Silicon Valley, California, Australia. Domm is an experienced software engineer, possessing a rare technological aptitude for a highly commercial business executive.


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